A work perk that makes shipping easy & affordable for your employees or members.

Employee and Member Benefit: Contact us today to find out more about this simple, affordable discount shipping program that your members and employees will love.

Make your members and employees happy

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Your employees work for the benefit of their company, and for the benefit of those they love.
ShipitNow.ca is another way for you to show your members how much you value them.
Easy to use, discounted package and mail delivery anywhere in the world.
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Shipping a package can be very frustrating

It all started when...

I began to sell my wife's Pyrex and Fire King collectibles online through Etsy. We had a lot of success, but I quickly discovered that selling was only part of the job. Packaging and shipping my collectibles turned out to be as much work as listing and selling them.

Shipping was taking a significant chunk of the revenue and I lost many sales due to potential customers not wanting to pay the shipping costs. Customs forms were confusing and my options seemed limited. Shipping had become the most expensive and difficult part of our little enterprise.

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There had to be a better way... ShipItNow.ca

Well it turns out there is a better way! After careful research and development our members are now able to send their packages hassle free through Canada's major couriers while enjoying discounts on costs. Choices have never been easier.

Our cloud based software handles the process for you in one easy-to-use website.

Just give your shipment details and source the best rates from bidding couriers. Once you have selected your price and drop off location then print your label off right at your desk and you’re ready to go. That's all there is to it!

A Parcel's Best Friend, ShipitNow.ca

Pricing changes depending on package sizes, weights and where you are sending it to.

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An Easy Discount Shipping Program

How easy? One line of code on your intranet, we'll take care of the rest, it's really that simple.

There are no costs and implementation is easy.
Hosted on ShipitNow.ca for easy access.
Detailed reports keep you informed.
ShipitNow.ca will help increase employee retention.
Easy to start, simple to use, for everyone.
Each company has their own branded portal to match logo and corporate colours.

Our couriers deliver the goods!

ShipitNow.ca is supported by strong couriers ensuring your parcel's safe delivery.

When you send an important package you want to know that it will get there safe and sound. That's why ShipitNow.ca only uses leading shippers and couriers in Canada. Our courier partners include:


Give your people another reason to love you.

Provide them with the benefit of one stop discounted shipping of the items that matter most.

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